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Fun animated online exercises to help kids with autism

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All illustrations, animations, software and text ©Dan Welchman Productions

why use MouseTrial?

MouseTrial can be used simply as a game, but used regularly for short sessions you may see improvements in the following areas of ability and behaviour:-
  • concentration The ability to focus on an exercise for increasingly long periods.
  • cooperation Willingness to take part in activities when asked to.
  • vocabulary Acquistion and retention of new words and their meanings.
  • literacy Recognition of written words and letters (by switching pictures/captions on and off).
use MouseTrial to get started with early intervention for autism
Playing MouseTrial is an inexpensive and low-stress way of getting started with early intervention activities for autism. There's nothing to stop you starting immediately, and adding more activities as you go along.
use MouseTrial to enrich your existing autism treatment program
If you've got an established program of activities you can use MouseTrial to get more exercises done and fill in the gaps in your schedule. It's ideal for use alongside other treatments. It can help to "maintain" vocabulary already developed and can help as an alternative way of encouraging new language.
use MouseTrial just for fun!
Feel free to play MouseTrial just for fun! It doesn't have to be part of an autism treatment program! You can use it simply to provide variety or as an activity to be shared with brothers and sisters.