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All illustrations, animations, software and text ©Dan Welchman Productions

Why not try your hand at MouseTrial right now! Just click on one of the modules below and you'll be playing in seconds. It's dead easy and completely safe. Don't forget to turn up the sound on your computer so that you can hear the MouseTrial instructions.

All of the games in each module will give you some free goes so please don't hesitate to try them out. For completely unrestricted play our online store will sell you a license key which arrives by email few moments later. (There's loads more information about license keys on our FAQ and help pages) MouseTrial works best on a fast internet connection but try it anyway. (you can always download if it's too slow).

WARNING: You currently have Javascript turned off in your browser. The MouseTrial game needs Javascript on to work. Please switch Javascript on in your browser and try again. (NB it's only scripting that needs to be enabled, not Java).

Click here for the ROUND THE HOUSE module!

NEW! - Six different submodules featuring various household objects and parts of the house. In four of the modules you must click on the correct part of a picture of a room or the picture of the whole house. The other two feature a variable sized array of items to click, with a choice of large or small icons.

Click here for the ANIMALS module!

Nine different submodules about animals. There are six different categories of animal: Pets, Farm animals, Aquatic animals, Birds, Zoo animals, and Small animals & creepy-crawlies. Or you can play one of the "All together" submodules where ALL of the above are available to choose from, using either the usual big icons or smaller ones to fit more on the screen. There's also a game for picking the right animal by the noise it makes.

Click here for SIZE, SHAPE & COLOUR!

Six different submodules for developing vocabulary and comprehension about size, shape and colour. The easier trials simply ask the player to select the right choice from an array of different shapes or colours. The more sophisticated ones mix the concepts together so that the player might be asked to pick a "small green triangle" from a diverse array of big and little shapes of various colours.

Click here for the CLOTHES & BODY module!

Five fun games teaching vocabulary about clothes and parts of the body. Some of the games ask you to click on the correct part of a picture of the body or face. Other games ask you to pick the correct item from an array of body parts or clothes. (you can change the size of the array and choose which items are available in these games using the "options" button).

Click here for the FOOD module!

You can choose from three different categories of food in this module: Sweet things, Savoury things, or fruit and vegetables. Or why not try the "all together" game where you get to pick items from all different kinds of foods? It's a great one to play on a big screen with a really large array of items for the more advanced player!

Click here for the LETTERS module!

Eight different submodules about letters. There are two different versions of some exercises: one where you are asked to pick the letter by its name and another where you are given the sound of the letter. There are also trials to pick the object beginning with a particular letter and others where the whole alphabet is displayed';

Click here for the NUMBERS module!

Five different submodules about numbers with varying levels of difficulty and emphasising different aspects of number meaning, recognition and vocabulary. The "rabbits" and "dice patterns" games can be used to teach actual understanding of the number rather than simple recognition of the digit.

Features, Functions and Categories module!

Five different submodules where items have to be picked not by name, but by what category they belong to or what features they have, or what they're used for. There are three submodules dealing with features, functions or categories separately. Or you can try one of the submodules where all three are mixed together. There's a separate version of the "all together" module with half-sized icons so that you can fit a really big array of icons on the screen for the more advanced player.

is it safe?

Playing MouseTrial is completely safe. You don't actually need to "install" anything on your computer to start playing. Instead, MouseTrial simply runs a simple JavaScript program right here on the web page. So it can't make other programs on your computer stop working or infect it with viruses. Similarly, MouseTrial can't fill up your disk drive with files or delete any existing files. The only thing MouseTrial puts on your computer is a cookie which is a very small file containing system information like your scores and preferences.

use your free goes!

Please use up your free goes! -that's what they're there for! Note that each individual submodule within a module has its own quota of free goes. So if you've run out of goes on "coloured words" for example, you can still go on to experiment with "light and dark colours". And don't forget that the downloaded verisons of MouseTrial give free goes too. So you can download and play with a module without needing to buy a license key.

connection fast enough?

You'll need a fast internet connection (any kind of broadband will do) if you don't want a long wait for the animations to appear. This isn't so important for parents browsing the modules to see if there's something they can use. But it's more important for doing real trials with kids. This is because the cartoon "reward" needs to occur very quickly after a correct click. Otherwise the child may not associate the fun of the animation with getting the answer right. If you're on a slow connection it might be better to download the module for regular use. For more information see our system requirements page.