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All illustrations, animations, software and text ©Dan Welchman Productions

What is a license key?
There are two kinds of MouseTrial license key: a master key which allows unlimited play in ALL modules or you can buy individual license keys for specific modules. For schools and professionals there's a special CLASSROOM version of the master key which allows you to use it on up to 20 computers at once. Each license key is just a string of 20 characters and numbers (beginning with "MOUSE") that you type in when prompted by MouseTrial. Until you type in your license key MouseTrial will only let you have a few free goes in each game for evaluation purposes. You can buy license keys from the online store. It only takes a few moments and it's highly secure

How long does my license key last?
The CLASSROOM license keys are paid for by a yearly subscription. All other keys (DOMESTIC master or individual keys) are bought with a single one-off payment and do not need to be renewed, so in effect they last forever.

Do I need to download anything?
No, you can simply play the games on line if you want to. That way you're guaranteed to be always using the most up to date version. You can download modules if want to though. Downloading can be useful for people whose internet connection isn't fast enough to play effectively online. You can also customise a downloaded copy in ways that aren't possible in the online version (eg substituting your own mp3 voice files).

How do I upgrade, and how much does it cost?
If you play online you're guaranteed to be using the most up to date version. You can upgrade a downloaded copy of any MouseTrial module by simply downloading the latest version from our website. There is no charge for this service and you can upgrade as often as you like. We regularly add new animations and trials to our existing modules so it's worthwhile checking online for new stuff every now and again.

Do I need separate license keys to play online and also play on my own downloaded copy?
No, your license key entitles you to play online as well as on the version stored locally on your own computer.

Do I need separate license keys for the different MouseTrial modules?
There are two kinds of MouseTrial license key: a master key which allows unlimited play in ALL modules or you can pick and choose individual license keys for specific modules. If you are using individual license keys you will have to type in the right key for the right module (MouseTrial will tell you if you've entered a license key for the wrong module). CLASSROOM license keys unlock all modules, in other words they act like a master key. It is not possible to purchase a classroom license for an individual module at present.

Can I give a copy of MouseTrial to my friends?
No. MouseTrial must not be copied or redistributed. However, you are welcome to give your friends the URL of our website http://www.mousetrial.com or to provide a link to us from your own website so that others can play online and/or download modules at will.

Can I use MouseTrial on my laptop without buying another license key?
Yes. Your DOMESTIC MouseTrial license entitles you to use the relevant module on many machines provided that you are not using more than one at the same time. Similarly, you can carry on using the same license key when you buy a new computer or upgrade. A CLASSROOM license allows you to use MouseTrial on up to 20 different computers all at the same time, but it doesn't necessarily have to be always the same 20 machines. So there's no need to worry about switching classrooms or introducing new hardware. All you need to do is re-enter the license key on the computer where it hasn't been used before.

Can therapists and schools use MouseTrial, and is there a special price?
Therapists and schools are especially welcome to use MouseTrial. If you will only be using MouseTrial on one computer at a time, then you only need to buy a DOMESTIC license. If you need to use MouseTrial on several computers at once then you should get a CLASSROOM license, which operates on a yearly subscription basis and allows up to 20 users to use MouseTrial concurrently.

Why is the price in US dollars?
Well the majority of our customers live in the USA. But the real reason is that the price that appears on your credit card bill will be in US dollars. You can select any currency you like in our online store at Kagi. But that will simply be a conversion at the current rate from the definitive price in dollars.