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Buy a MouseTrial license key for unlimited play!

All of the games in each MouseTrial module will give you some "free goes" so that you can try them out. But if you've run out of free goes then why not purchase a MouseTrial license key? For just $29 you can get a master license key which will give you unlimited access to all of the exercises in all of the modules (including modules we add in the future!). Alternatively you can pick and choose individual license keys that give you access to one specific module for $10 each. These prices are in US dollars but you can also pay in other currencies (to see the cost in another currency, try one of the free online currency converters - is a good example). It only takes a few minutes to purchase keys from our online store at Kagi and you can use them straight away. MouseTrial's DOMESTIC licence keys last forever! (it's a one-off purchase, not a subscription service) and you can pay by PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Amex or many other options.

For schools and professionals a CLASSROOM master key is available which allows you to use MouseTrial on up to 20 different computers at the same time (the ordinary DOMESTIC keys should only be used on one computer at a time). The CLASSROOM licence operates on a yearly subscription basis and costs just $39 per annum.

Read on for a step-by-step guide to how the process works...

what's a license key?

A license key is simply a 20 character long password. They always start with the five captial letters "MOUSE" and then there's a 15 character jumble of numbers and lower-case characters that's unique to you. When MouseTrial prompts you (see right) you can type in your license key and press "Enter License". A message will pop up saying "License Key Accepted" and after that you'll be able to have as many goes as you like. You won't have to enter the license key again

(You can read more about MouseTrial licence keys in our FAQ)

how do I get a license key?

To buy a license key, go to our secure online shop at Kagi. You can do this by either clicking on (left) or clicking on the icon at the the top right of the page. The first page you'll see will be a list of all the modules available. Select the products you want to buy and then press "Continue" at the bottom of the page.

page 2: payment method, currency and address

At the top of the next page you'll see a summary of the items you've selected (you can go back if any of this is wrong). Below that there are boxes where you select your preferred method of payment and the currency you'd like to pay in. Finally, there are some boxes for you to enter your address. When you've finished, press "Checkout" at the bottom of the page.

page 3: your email and credit card details

The final page is headed by a list of the items you're ordering, including any sales tax (or V.A.T) due where you live. Below that you will find boxes for you to type in your name, email address, and credit card details. When you have typed in all the necessary data just press "Purchase" and the process is complete.

what happens next?

Shortly after completing your purchase an e-mail will arrive looking something like this.
Besides thanking you and confirming details of your order, the e-mail message will contain your unique 20 character license key something like this:-

note that MOUSEmy1stlicensekey is just a dummy license key for example purposes, it won't actually work if you type it in.

what is KAGI?

KAGI is a leading internet store. We use KAGI for all sales of software license keys and disks because they are international, competent, fast and above all extremely secure. KAGI's customer support pages provide extensive further reading about how they work including security mechanisms and refund procedures.

how long will it take?

It only takes a minute or two to buy a license. You don't have to "register" and you won't be asked for any irrelevant details. MouseTrial license keys will arrive by email a few moments after you make your purchase.

is this safe?

Buying from the MouseTrial shop is very safe. KAGI handle the secure transactions using VeriSign Digital ID technology. You can read more about KAGI's security measures and policies on their excellent FAQ pages.

The MouseTrial software itself is a very simple JavaScript program. It cannot infect your computer with viruses or delete any of your files. It doesn't require any existing software libraries or DLLs to be overwritten so it can't stop any of your other software from working. The only thing MouseTrial puts on your computer is a cookie which is a very small file containing system information like your scores and preferences.

your privacy

Your email address and all other personal data will be treated in the strictest confidence. We take a very strong stance against spam (indiscriminate unsolicited bulk e-mail) and will never divulge your details to third parties other than KAGI. You will not receive any promotional emails from us.