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Fun animated online exercises to help kids with autism

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Welcome to the autism software list. It's simply a collection of links to publishers, developers and distributors of software that you might find useful for kids with Autism. Some of the programs have been written specifically for autism while others are more general educational or special-needs titles that have been pressed into service and found useful in practice. Most of the sites listed sell directly to the public but in case of difficulty it may be worthwhile browsing our suppliers of autism products links page. The list is ordered alphabetically by the publishing firm's name with a brief list of relevant titles where available. We intend to extend the list and to make an effort to keep it up to date. So if you've got a favourite piece of software that we should include or if any of this information needs fixing then please do email us at .

try the new autism software database!

The autism software list (this page) has now grown to the size where it's getting a little bit awkward to handle as a simple single HTML page. So we've set up a proper database of autism software which should be a little easier to navigate. An added advantage is that publishers can now log in to the database and update their own information on existing products plus any new ones. So the whole thing should be slightly more up-to-date and comprehensive. Do email us with any comments, ideas, or bug reports.
ABA Math
ABA Math is an open source (free!) program to help kids with autism learn arithmetic using discrete trial techniques.

Academic Communication Associates, Inc
Speech, language and learning resources for children and adults. Software, books and tests. Hundreds of speech and language products, special education books, and assessment materials for children and adults with speech, language, and hearing disorders, learning disabilities, and other special learning needs. -not exclusively for autism nor exclusively software products, but many interesting potentially applicable items.

Accelerations Educational Software
The Discrete Trial Trainer is an extensive package written specifically for discrete trial work with kids with autism. The company was founded by Karl Smith, who initially developed the software for his son.

ASC Animated Speech Corporation
Animated Speech Corporation (ASC) produces software-based conversational language learning systems. Our products feature animated talking tutors for language-challenged children and customizable tools and curricula for speech-language pathologists, specialists, teachers, and parents
  • Team Up With Timo: Stories Develops language and cognitive concepts that children with autism and other language delays need to build comprehension and narrative skills.
  • Team Up With Timo: Vocabulary A great way to "pre-teach" school vocabulary for children with special needs. Timo: Vocabulary provides face-to-face practice for new vocabulary used in K–4th grade classrooms and at home.
  • Timo's Lesson Creator This easy-to-use vocabulary lesson software tool enables teachers, speech pathologists and parents to create custom lessons in minutes for children with special needs.

Autism Academy
Interactive ABA course on CD-ROM for teaching educators and parents how to effectively educate children with autism.

Autism Edu Autism spectrum disorder education resources & software.
Operation Communication CD focuses on strategies which facilitate functional, purposeful communication in the natural environment. The author explains in a presentation format how to shape and increase a child’s communication using commonplace, everyday situations. The principles of Applied Behavior Analysis are the basis of her strategies. The interactive software incorporates visuals and text to solidify the concepts that are being explained.

Autism Language Program at Children's Hospital Boston
  • Puddingstone Place is an interactive virtual environment designed for a diverse group of individuals, including those with auditory, word retrieval, and language learning difficulties, especially those on the autism spectrum. The software can be customized for different ages and learning difficulties. When tailored for children, the program starts up with an interactive, engaging character named Champ who pops up to introduce each room. Children will enjoy visiting the Playroom to play the interactive Dress-Up Champ, Sticky Bubble Gum, and Orchestra games.
  • Learning Together with Music CD is a dynamic resource for early educators, speech language pathologists and parents eager to promote language learning through music.

AutismPro.com an inexpensive online therapy and treatment for autism
AutismPro is a 9-step program that combines evidence-based methods from an international board of autism experts to empower parents, educators and clinicians to better understand, design and deliver effective autism intervention.
AutismPro uses intelligent software systems, state-of-the-art Internet technologies and a vast collection of multimedia resources to deliver its collective brainpower of leading autism experts directly to your computer.

Attainment Company Inc
Software and other materials for special needs. Wisconsin based company that is committed to creating quality products for people with disabilities and which employs several people with developmental disabilities.

Autism Language Therapies
If your child or client knows the words for basic colors and shapes and can read these words, the GrammarTrainer software program can teach him or her how to put words together into ever longer phrases and sentences.

29 inexpensive programs tailored specifically to kids with autism spectrum discorders and other learning difficulties. Available on CD or by online installation.

Bright Start Therapeutics
"Talking Words" offers many features to assist you in planning and managing an intensive language program (specifically aimed at ABA programs). There's also a range of Autism / PDD Software for students with autism and PDD in all stages of language development from emerging vocabulary comprehension to basic language mastery

ClickN' READ Phonics
100 online interactive lessons for teaching kids to read.
"The program is designed for children as young as 4 years old and teaches the complete K-3rd grade phonics curriculum taught at USA public schools. Children who are learning to read English for the first time, those who are struggling with reading and children with learning disabilities should use the program. Many of our customers are also adults who are learning English as a second language."

"Computer Assisted Therapy for teaching cognitive skills to visual learners"
Computhera offers a seven-step gradual discrete approach for teaching reading.

Games, songs, communication cards, print resources, and information for special needs. There is a page of free online interactive games including one on facial expressions and another on faces and feelings.

Oz based developers of the "special learning" series of software, which provides activities that will challenge and stimulate learners with intellectual disabilities.

Elizabeth FitzRoy Support's Sensory World and Sensory Rooms
Flash-based virtual house and garden to explore with lots of different activities.

Endless Potential's "Project:Autism"
This unique software, developed by a board certified associate behavior analyst, provides parents and professionals with in-depth information and resources involving history, diagnosis and treatment (behavioral, biomedical, alternative..) of Autism

Eugene Research Institute
Picture Planner helps individuals with cognitive disabilities build and manage daily, weekly, and monthly schedules. It also helps with task planning and prompting.

frasermckaysoftware.co.uk Free educational software for children with autism.
This is the site for free educational software for children with autism. Developed by a computing student (and member of the British Computer Society, the professional body for IT in the UK), alongside a highly qualified primary school teacher and parent of a child with autism, this software is designed by people with experience with autism, not just "computer people".

Geddes Productions
Several different programs available from this New Zealand based family business who originally developed the software to help their son Kevin (who has Downs rather than autism, but the products are clearly applicable to kids with ASDs too).

GUS Communications Inc
Overboard is a leading tool for parents, teachers and speech language pathologists for creating printed communication boards, schedules, reading/writing activities, visual supports and speech enhanced dynamic display (AAC) solutions! Now includes speech output and page linking.

Free Software for Children who want to use the computer but can't yet use a keyboard. 18 downloadable games with more coming soon. Developed by Sara, mom and former special education teacher.

helpingtogrow.com Early Learning Site "love is helping something to grow"
  • TeachingPix CD has 5,000 images in 50 categories that you can easily select, preview and print as flashcards
  • TeachingPix2 CD has over 10,000 photo-quality flashcards in 65 categories to teach speech, language and communication.
  • SpeakingPix CD comes with over 2,200 color photographs, each with a sound that plays when you click on the image
  • ...the site also sells a wide range of different software from other publishers

iAbida Indiviual Communication Management (ICM)
We bring teams together to provide a 360 degree view of special needs individuals. See daily schedules, track daily behavior and graph the progress, receive alerts about any changes, share pictures, videos or audio files and allow parents or teachers to post quick notes to the team or individuals.

Jabuguin: Software for Children with Autism
The Jabuguín Suite consists of programs that use a large database of high-quality images, sounds and text. For the moment it consists of three programs, Puzzler, Pix 'N' Text and Media Binder.

Joeschedule.com Online Autism Software
All in one tool for teaching kids with autism spectrum disorders. Run ABA Programs , Create Activity Schedules, Token Boards, Social Stories, Behavior Charts and more.

Laureate Learning Systems
Laureate offers over 80 programs for children and adults with Special Needs. Includes cause and effect, turn-taking, early vocabulary, syntax, cognitive concepts, auditory processing, and reading

Learning For Children Autism and Dyslexia Testing
Our fun computer games can detect clues of Autism in children ages 3-5 and Dyslexia in children ages 3-9. Our innovative, interactive system assesses a child's developmental level appropriate to their age -- all through playing entertaining computer games that children love. We donate 10% of all sales to the International Dyslexia Association.

Leeds Metropolitan University (LMU) "Autism Software"
Six free downloadable programs produced by students of Leeds Metropolitan University.

Our mission has been to provide innovative, effective, affordable, and therapeutically-sound materials for speech-language pathologists, LD and special education teachers, reading specialists, classroom teachers, and their students or patients.
Large range of Speech and Language software and books including many targetted specifically at autism and PDD

Mind Reading: The Interactive Guide to Emotions (CD-ROM)
by Simon Baron-Cohen. Available from Jessica Kingsley (see link above). One reviewer describes it as "a great way to teach students with high-functioning autism or Asperger's syndrome recognition of emotions." (also available from amazon )

Millenium Software
Labelling_Tutor is discrete trial software for kids with autism and it's available on both Mac and Windows.

Fun animated ABA-style exercises that you can play online. There are six different modules available: ...each of which contains several different contrasting games (and more coming soon). You can easily adjust the level of difficulty to suit your child.

MTRIAL by Mobile Thinking
mTrial is a software program that agencies, clinics, consultants, and parents can use to record and report discrete trial and behavior data. Record data on a Palm handheld and run reports from your PC.

P.A.L.S. -Progressive Autism Learning System
Improving Educational Success Through Technology.
Recommended for: Children with Autism, Language and Learning Disabilities Developmental Disabilities and Physical Impairments. An extensive ABA style educational program using animated reinforcers.

Priory Woods School: Free Program Resources
18 free programs to download (for both Mac & Windows) from the brilliant Priory Woods website. They can be used with a range of assistive input devices including switches, touch-screens and pointing devices.

Raising Horizons
Training materials to assist people with a learning disability, including cerebral palsy, autism and other related disabilities. Your School Day is aimed at children from 5-12 years and takes them through a school day - with over 60 learning topics.

Reactive Colours go ahead and react!
Reactive Colours© provides an engaging, accessible computer environment for spontaneous imaginative play and learning, in which even the most anxious autistic individuals may relax and communicate. As an Internet based research project Reactive Colours© aims to provide a software interface through which individuals with autistic spectrum differences and learning disabilities can be encouraged to use computers, and through which they can develop mouse, keyboard, programming and screen skills.

R-E-M the educational software specialist
U.K. based supplier of all kinds of educational software. They have a page devoted to special needs and inclusion which includes many titles which could be useful for children with autism.

Resource Education
Resource Education Ltd is a small family-run firm which has been producing high-quality educational software for more than twenty years. Their site includes a page devoted to products for special needs, including autism.

Scientific Learning
Developers of the Fast ForWord family of products. A neuroscience approach to reading intervention.

SEMERC Solutions For Inclusion
SEMERC is the UK's leading publisher of ICT resources for learners of all ages with special educational needs. The website includes a page devoted to products suitable for Autism Spectrum Disorders

SEN Teacher Resources
Resources, freeware downloads, links and documents for those involved in the education of pupils with learning difficulties, autism and other special educational needs.

Silver Lining Multimedia
"The Great Action Adventure" is available for teaching verbs to visual learners. They also offer four different programs for teaching social skills.

Slater Software, Inc
easy-to-use software tools which promote literacy and communication within the Special Needs community, including Autism Software, Activities and Resources
  • PixWriter The Picture-Assisted Writing» program with text, pictures, and speech!
  • Picture It The easiest and fastest software one can use to add pictures to text. Use it to create a picture-rich environment!

Social Skill Builder
Interactive computer programs using real life video to teach social skills to children and adolescents.

SoftTouch software for special needs
A wide range of software, books, videos and interactive-books for special needs teaching. There is a page of products specifically for autism.

SticKids - Muscles, Motion 'n Touch
Community Therapy Associates Inc. presents SticKids, A software and activity kit that supplies user friendly treatment strategies to support Sensory Processing, Sensory Integration and motor challenged children. Easily create unlimited trackers, planners, games and activity cards.

Surer Steps LLP
Surer Steps LLP was established in August 2005 by Nick Owens and James Bane. We have over 10 year's joint experience between us as Educational Psychologists, covering a range of provisions - mainstream, enhanced resource and special schools. We are strongly committed to supporting educational professionals and youngsters particularly in the domain of behaviour. Our focus is primarily on positive approaches towards behaviour management and preventative strategies.

A scientifically designed and research based program of computer assisted treatment for kids with autism and other special needs. Draws from ABA and other proven treatments. Development team includes ex video-game programmers, so it should be fun!

Time4Learning "It's Time 4 Learning. And Fun!"
Time4Learning offers a comprehensive, educational learning system that builds and reinforces reading, writing and math skills. It is used by special needs children as well as the gifted and mainstream. Using an interactive online environment, our educational learning system mixes educational lessons with learning games designed to engage and challenge your young learner.

Team Asperger
Gaining Face is software which helps people with Asperger's Syndrome, high-functioning autism, and similar issues learn to recognize facial expressions.

Thinking Publications
A very large range of CDs covering speech and language training, dealing with social situations, and coursework for "training the trainers". Includes the "Earobics" and "Nickel takes on.." series of products. Now sold through SUPER DUPER Publications.

Topologika are one of the UK's leading publishers of primary and secondary educational software for school and home. One of their products, Speaking For Myself PLUS although originally designed for children with Downs has also been used extensively with kids with ASD.

transitionsoftware.co.uk Moving School? -99˝ Top Tips For Easy Transition
Most children and their parents find the move from primary school to post primary school a difficult and anxious time. Those children with Special Educational Needs find the transition more stressful. This transition programme has been developed over a period of five years working with children with ASD/Asperger’s syndrome. 99˝ Top Tips For Easy Transition is an interactive software program that educates children about the challenges that they will face during transition. It contains a variety of interactive worksheets, addressing various key areas of transition.

Turning Point Technology
Tools and Solutions for a Variety of Learning Disabilities.

Ultimate Learning
Created by DigiSoft, the innovative developers behind the award-winning PictPocket Cinema software, Ultimate Learning comprises five unique products and aspects of learning:

Widgit Software : Software Solutions for Special Needs
Communicate: By Choice provides a means for creating and using onscreen activities, which present question/answer and multiple-choice tasks to students.