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All illustrations, animations, software and text ©Dan Welchman Productions

Why can't I hear any sound?
Your computer must have speakers and a sound card. Most do but a few do not. The sound volume must also be turned up to an audible level. You'll need to do this on your computer's "settings" or "preferences" or "control panel". The exact interface varies widely depending upon your computer hardware and operating system so please look this up in your documentation. MouseTrial is always played through a web browser and these sometimes have their own mechanism for switching the sound off. So if the problem persists, check in your browser preferences to make sure that audible web page content isn't turned off.

I've got sound, but the sentences are sometimes cut short or interrupted. Why?
If you're using Firefox or Mozilla then this is probably a known browser bug. Upgrading to Quicktime 7 (which is free) may be effective as a workaround. Otherwise, please try playing MouseTrial using Internet Explorer. You can get a free copy of Internet Explorer here, although most computers will have a copy already installed somewhere.

I've already entered my license key, but now it's asking for it again. Why?
Normally you should be able to enter your license key just once and MouseTrial will remember it. But there are several circumstances that can make MouseTrial "forget", and then you'll have to re-enter the key. If you log in to the computer under a different user name then you'll have to enter the license key separately the first time each person uses MouseTrial. (each user gets his own set of settings, scores and preferences too). This doesn't mean that you need to buy separate keys for each user though, unless you're using it on two different computers at the same time. Other things that can cause MouseTrial to re-prompt for the license key include switching to a different browser or deleting certain browser files (cookies, in particular).

Why won't MouseTrial accept my license?
MouseTrial license keys are case sensitive, so make sure that you are using capitals where necessary. Leaving the "Caps Lock" key on by mistake is a common cause of rejected license keys. Make sure that you enter the exact letters and digits in your key. The key will begin with the five upper-case letters "MOUSE" followed by fifteen assorted lower-case letters and/or numbers. If you don't have a master key then you will need a separate license key for each MouseTrial module, so please check that you're using the right one for the right module.

Why am I stuck in the license key prompter, even though it says "Key Accepted"?
This is a bug occasionally seen on non Internet Explorer browsers. Please check that cookies are turned on in your browser. If that doesn't help then you may have to try switching to Internet Explorer.